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A Round-Up of Valentines

imon Gregg Valentine 2019
“Every triangle is a love triangle when you love triangles.” Pythagoras

Mathematicians celebrate Valentine’s Day with more unbridled abandon than any group I’ve ever seen. Kindergartners get the silver, for liking the day of hearts, but, hands down, mathematicians take the gold.

I’m gathering just a fraction of the posts I saw coming out of the math community this past February 14. Images started popping up early in the week in anticipation of the big day. Luke Walsh and and Iva Salley were the early birds. Iva with her heart shaped number puzzle…

and Luke with a number of images, some static, some dynamic. Here’s a link, which if you follow it, and scroll down, there’s more:


The end of Valentines Day was bracketed by late day contributions by Suzanne von Oy and Martin Holtham.

Martin’s young daughter even joined in:

Dan Anderson made this lovely series of translucent hearts that create patterns with each other

Then there’s this one, that I started but that Dan helped me out with:

Phil DeOrsey made this heart that looks like it doesn’t know if it’s coming or going, in response to a challenge by Daniel Shiffman

Mark Kaercher added some origami to the mix

Ed Southhall seized the opportunity to educate us:

Ben Orlin schooled us on how to obliquely  sweet-talk our sweeties:

Grant Sanderson wrote a poem and made a video

The National Museum of Mathematics sent out a craft to its mailing list, which people shared.

The New York Times publish a math-heart article, which was shared widely

And if all this isn’t enough, Vincent Pantaloni is doing his own collection, spanning over at least a couple of years, of images he’s harvested from twitter


Colleen Young linked to a collection of heart-themed activities, which includes a couple of Numberphile video that shows heart shape made with a marvelous, unexpected twist.

There’s many more Valentine references in this math community that I could possibly list and still get to sleep tonight. Feel free to add more in the comments.

Now here’s my contribution to the day, a stop-motion crayon on newspaper drawing/construction:


Hope you all feel the love!

Happy Valentine’s Week.


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Valentine Angels

Valentine Girl

Now for something completely different.

Valentine angels.

Valentine Angel 1
Valentine Angel 1

Been making these with Valentines Day in mind.

Five Valentine Angels
Five Valentine Angels

Most of these little sketches fail completely. But sometimes they don’t. I’m just putting up the ones that I like.

Angel full of love
Angel full of love

Early for Valentine’s Day, never too early to spread around some love.

Colorful Valentine Angel
Colorful Valentine Angel

Thinking of my daughter while I draw these, while she is enjoying her semester in London.




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine 2014

Warm wishes from me to you on Valentine’s Day! It’s blustery and snowy here.

I’m hoping to get out and take some pictures of the storm and post them later on. But for now, I’m staying cozy inside, enjoying the morning with my daughter, my puppy and my coffee. Husband will be home after the snow settles down.

snowy chair
Chair, snowed in

I’ve ventured out into the yard. The snow is up to my knees, but I found it hard to take pictures that conveyed just how much snow we have here.

snowy picnic table
No Picnic Today

The picnic table makes a good measurement table too.

Here’s a  sort of  before and after picture set:

Before the Winter
Before the Winter
north hill
During Winter

Now I still have a few more Valentines to tend to….

Valentines in Progress
Valentines in Progress

I doubt that these will get into the mailbox today…but at least they will be done soon.

in progress

Then there will be time to relax with puppy….

Valentine puppy
Exhausted after romping in the snow