Sometimes , though not always, I will create a PDF for a project. I’m listing all my PDFs to find them more easily.

Sphericon color 8.5 x 11 A4

Sphericon B&W 8.5 x 11 A4

Large Sphericon B&W 11 x 17 A3

Large Sphericon Color 11 x 17 A3

Two PDf for rotational symmetry, rotating a shape around the center.

Circles with 12 dots

circle 12 sections with border

shapes to rotate in circles

Circle Geometry 3 inch

Blank Kaleidocycle templates kaleidocycle WITH SMALL AND BIG

Colorful kaleidocycles kaleidocycle color 2 kaleidocycle color 1

Theses two PDFs  go with a rhombus paper cutting project

Filling in drawn shapes
Filling in drawn shapes

Triangle paper


Smaller rhombi with spaces to use without triangle paper

The template I mostly use: rhombus small no spaces


This a a PDF of quadrilaterals

A4 quadrilaterals



This is meant to go along with this sequence of folds https://bookzoompa.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/origami-base-for-world-mapw.jpg

PDF of World Map

A pamphlet telling you everything you need to know about making paper snowflakes

Snowflakes! PDF

Li’l Jacob aka Magic wallet

fractions-Zero-to-OneFractions Zero to One a set if four PDFs showing fractions along the number line, including equivalent fractions

This also exists as a Gif  which can be found on my GIF page 

These four PDFs create a fractions book project number line for folder




Pi Coloring Book-style pages

graduated Pages/ step book

This next set of PDFs goes along with a book about chicks https://bookzoompa.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/variations-for-a-chick/

Diorama inside of the “From Egg to Chick” book

whoamIwith lines2

what an egg needs


Egg to chick title


chicksbookbase lines

I used these PDFs for a countries project https://bookzoompa.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/pipe-cleaner-bound-scrapbook/

countries, the word

the worldsmaller4folder

This PDF of pop-up structures has been repinned on pinterest like thousands of times:


flexagon squared

An Accordion Book with Pockets for Kindergarten Sight Words
An Accordion Book with Pockets for Kindergarten Sight Words

Kindergarten lines

abcdef PDF for sght word project

recycle signage

how to make an origami pocket

Bookmaking structures appropriate for second graders

how to make a paper spring


Lines in Squares

lines in rectangles

Alphabets for hand lettering

Alphabets Smaller for hand lettering

Bolton Bill of RightsKaleidocycle


Coins for Wallet Book

When I printed the coins for students I give them a total of $3.00 worth of coins to work with: 4 quarters, 12 dimes, 12 nickels, and 20 pennies. Each student also gets a copy  of a part of an oversized dollar bill.

gwwhradient box Box 3 smaller

simon’s squares

I do an Alaska project with First Graders. This is the Map of North America that I use. I want them to label at least  ID Alaska and their home state.  Here’s the title graphic for the front of their books, and some totems for a diorama

Below are the pdfs for a bead counting project for the very young

five plus five

four plus six

seven plus three

eight plus two

NIne plus one

bead counting pocket

and here’s all these 6 pdf’s in one file, but if you want to use different colors, this file might be trickier to work with: Bead counting all pages together

sphericon oliod

swinging card

swinging card folio

skip counting first grade

Origami Base for Star Book and Cascading Book

rainbow lines

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