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Origami Pocket

How to make an origami Pocket by Paula Krieg
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As this is the beginning of the new school year, I am dedicating some posts on how to make an origami pocket. This is a great first project to make with students. It is a crowd pleaser, which is important to me because it can get a classroom of students happy to be  readily on board with paper and book arts. When I begin with  paper that is about 15 inch square  the resulting pocket can be a handy storage folder for on-going projects.

Before I go any further with this I want to clarify that this is not the traditional origami cup that one often sees.  For great directions on how to make an origami cup I recommend looking at  the  Kids Web Japan/Cup site. The noteworthy difference between the classic cup and my pocket is the width of the base of the structure.  I prefer the wider base as it is more suitable for storing books than the narrower, taller origami cup.  Just for the record, I was introduced to the origami pocket about a decade ago by a young boy, who learned it  from a TV program called Zoom.

I have have available a black and white copy of  directions on how to make an Origami Pocket.

Addendum March 30, 2020

Here’s the video tutorial of how to make an origami pocket