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Valentine Angels

Valentine Girl

Now for something completely different.

Valentine angels.

Valentine Angel 1
Valentine Angel 1

Been making these with Valentines Day in mind.

Five Valentine Angels
Five Valentine Angels

Most of these little sketches fail completely. But sometimes they don’t. I’m just putting up the ones that I like.

Angel full of love
Angel full of love

Early for Valentine’s Day, never too early to spread around some love.

Colorful Valentine Angel
Colorful Valentine Angel

Thinking of my daughter while I draw these, while she is enjoying her semester in London.




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine 2014

Warm wishes from me to you on Valentine’s Day! It’s blustery and snowy here.

I’m hoping to get out and take some pictures of the storm and post them later on. But for now, I’m staying cozy inside, enjoying the morning with my daughter, my puppy and my coffee. Husband will be home after the snow settles down.

snowy chair
Chair, snowed in

I’ve ventured out into the yard. The snow is up to my knees, but I found it hard to take pictures that conveyed just how much snow we have here.

snowy picnic table
No Picnic Today

The picnic table makes a good measurement table too.

Here’s a  sort of  before and after picture set:

Before the Winter
Before the Winter
north hill
During Winter

Now I still have a few more Valentines to tend to….

Valentines in Progress
Valentines in Progress

I doubt that these will get into the mailbox today…but at least they will be done soon.

in progress

Then there will be time to relax with puppy….

Valentine puppy
Exhausted after romping in the snow

Almost February 14


This past Christmas season I received far fewer holiday cards than in previous years. It seemed to me that the December 13 Newtown tragedy created a wound so deep in our collective psyche that sending out “Merry Christmas” cards seemed dissonant with the moment. I sent out holiday cards. It actually felt hard to send them out, as my heart was full of sadness for the Sandy Hook families. But I have a conviction that it is important to send out messages of caring, so, rather than wishing people a merry Christmas, I sent them wishes of love in the coming year.

Now Valentine’s Day is coming and I have another opportunity let people know that I am thinking of them.  On Valentine’s Day I will post a Valentine for you who care to look at my blog.  To make the Valentine I first filled a 3o inch by 40 inch template with multicolored flares in Adobe Illustrator (see picture above.)

30' x 40"
30′ x 40″

I emailed the Illustrator file to Staples and they printed out this poster…there’s a sale this month so this print cost only $18.00. I was blown away by the quality of the print. The color and detail were so superior to anything that my home printer could do that I will never waste my time printing this sort of thing at home again. Besides, I could never do large sizes, and the large size was sooo much fun to get.

flares and Bill's pencil box
flares and Bill’s pencil box

As an aside, as I was working on this project my husband gave me this pencil box, which he had decorated. We had been working completely independently of each other, so I was taken by the similarity of our imagery. But I digress…

Slicing the image
Slicing the image

Next I started cutting up the image by scoring and tearing. I didn’t much like the way the edges looked so….

v stack

…the edges got some gold guilding with Winsor and Newton gold ink. I love this product.

Okay…that’s all I’m going to give away about this project before Valentine’s Day. Check back on the fourteenth, and let me send some love your way.