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A Nod to Making Pop-Ups

How to make 2 basic Pop-ups

Since I have devoted my last few posts to pop-ups,  I’ve decided to put together a brief introduction to this magical bit of paper engineering.  There are many fabulous in-depth resources to making pop-ups: this post is not one of those. Instead, I offer here a couple of introductory type of handouts.

For in-depth looks at pop-ups visit

I’ve dug into my archives and pulled out the reference page below that I created at a time long ago.

A Pop-Ups reference page

For a look at pages of pop-ups done by elementary age students, take a look at my last three posts

14 thoughts on “A Nod to Making Pop-Ups

    1. Hi Tony.
      The trick to making the generations pop-up is sequence. You start out making a simple box pop-up, then you make a pop-up on the side folds of the box. Now, this explanation sounds perfectly understandable to me, but I can guess that it might not seem so clear to anyone else. Let me know if you want more of an explanation, and I will do a post on it. I think it would be a fun post to do. Let me know.


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