Looking Back

Taking a bit of time to reflect here.

Nothing is as it was, or what we expected. Who knew, when the country suddenly shut down in mid-March, nine and a half months ago, that this health crisis would still be with us. Didn’t we all think that in a couple of weeks it would all blow over?

I keep trying to get my bearings in a world that keeps shifting. I don’t know if looking back will help with looking forward, but it’s all I’ve got.

Here’s some interesting stats from my blog and youtube channel.

Card Carrying Blizzard Book, a book structure designed by Hedi Kyle

My most popular blog for the year was a was a post I wrote in 2011 about Hedi Kyle’s Card-carrying Blizzard Book.

How to make 2 basic Pop-ups

The second most visited post was another one from 2011, about how to make simple pop-ups.

The most viewed post that I wrote during 2020 was about how to fold this lovely origami fireworks structure.

There’s a theme to the most viewed posts. Not sure if that theme is more a reflection of what people search for or more about what I tend to write about. There is a sustaining interest in folding paper to make dynamic structures.

On my youtube channel I don’t think I can’t see yearly traffic, just all time numbers.

Once again, the video of how to fold a piece of paper in half shows the most visits. I think that it’s awesome that so many people search out this video. I get lots of great comments about it. Truly, it’s a skill that I am proud to teach. I teach this wherever I can, whenever I can.

Not surprisingly, the video that explains how to construct a card-carrying Blizzard book, is the second most viewed video on my channel. This a a folded structure that feels magical every time I make it. So glad that I can show it to people. This is something that I had been reluctant to teach for years, as I was waiting for Hedi Kyle to put out her own instructions for it first, which she finally did in her book, Art of the Fold.

The most viewed video that I made during 2020 is about glide-reflection symmetry. 1179 views. This delights me no end. I made 5 other videos on different symmetry groups, which attracted generally below 100 views each. The much higher viewership to the glide-reflection video, speaks volumes about how hard it is for people to understand glide-reflection symmetry. Glad to be of help. The post that goes along with this video is

I continue to enjoy creating content for this blog. It’s great that other people find it interesting.

Next post will be about looking forward.

Happy New Year to all!

4 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Dear Paula
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful posts, which have brightened our days during the last year of trauma and mayhem.
    I wish you, and all your readers, a happy and safe year ahead.
    Best wishes from your soul-sister Tricia in Australia

    Liked by 1 person

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