How to Make a Paper Spring

March 14, 2010

Paper Spring to use in Book Making with Children

How to Make a Paper Spring

Here is the How-to-Make-a-Paper-Spring hand-out that goes along with the photos in the previous post.  Not only is this little structure delightful and satisfying for children to make, but I have also been told that it is a great OT (Occupational Therapy) activity which helps develop fine motor skills, and supports eye/hand development.  In any case it is fun!

Years ago, before there was a glut of ad-filled “how-to”s on the internet, I came across another version of the paper spring;  the page was translated from German.  Instead of using two strips of paper, the author described using one long narrow strip of paper, which he folded in the middle  to create a right angle.  He proceeded in a way that is consistent with my directions.   This way of making the spring is less colorful, but, otherwise, it is an elegant structure.  The author of the article called the paper spring a Mouse Ladder.   Mouse Ladder.  I like that name.

I also made a B&W Paper Spring  hand-out.

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  1. abi Says:



  2. […] My next post will be a how-to handout on how to make a paper spring.  But, simply put, attach, at a right angle, the ends of two equal strips of paper. Alternately fold one strip over the other until you run out of paper.  That’s all.  If you like, take a look  on page 31 of a book I co-authored for Scholastic; here you will find more complete directions.  Or wait unti my next post, which will be an instruction sheet for the paper spring. […]


  3. […] I was a kid, I remember making paper springs. You’d take two thin strips of paper, overlap them to create a weave of sorts, apply glue where …: You had a springy object suitable for use as a pig’s tail to complete that weekend’s […]


  4. […] love to throw those around too. You can take paper strips and make a paper chain or paper spring ( and put these where they like to hang out. I always put things like this in their sitting spot to […]


  5. […] Make a Paper Spring: We used to make these accordion springs in class when we were bored and shoot them at each other.  Book Zoompa has a great Paper Spring tutorial. […]


  6. […] smaller circles.  I printed out various Pokemon images I found and cut them out. I used a paper spring to attach the Pokemon but you could use foam tape.   You can either write out your party […]


  7. […] of a roll of aluminium foil. The bendy buses were made from identical boxes joined together using a paper spring as a […]


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