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Cube with Curves

I’m seeing a pattern emerge: I seem to be collecting different ways of making a cube.

This is a cool little box. There’s the bottom and there’s the lid.

Just in time to hide a little gift.

I made two pdf’s to share.

PDF with decorations

PDF. with no decorations

One pdf has the colorful patterns, which are all harvested from Adobe Illustrators pattern library. The other is blank so you can decorated them yourself. I recommend printing on card stock paper.

The idea of making a cube with curves appeals to me. I found the template by poking around the internet. I’m always on the look out for cool boxes. And am not in the pattern making mode, as I prep for classes that happen in January, and another that starts in February.

More about both of these classes later. Neither of them have anything to do with these boxes.

For tonight, let me just say that the description I wrote up for the January class at Center for Book Arts is one of my better descriptions.

It’s a class that focuses on edge-release structures, because, really, no one else is teaching this, and it is such an unusual thing to do. More about this tomorrow. For tonight, enjoy what I wrote about it:

Box with curved closures

“Edge-release structures are a world of simple, smart folding that go from flat to sculptural with a single opening motion, existing in a space somewhere between pop-ups and architecture. This introduction to edge-release begins with generic templates shared by Paul Jackson. We will then move into understanding the logic underpinning various kinds of cut and fold methods, with the intent to experiment with cut-outs, add-ons, hinging and ways of creating unique variations of within the parameters of each structure.

The optical confusion of edge-release folds is where their charms reside. Fronts, backs, and interior spaces intermingle. The possibilities for adding content, and personalizing in unusual ways is literally limitless and can be dramatic and theatrical. These forms are invite interaction which can be small enough to slide into an envelope or large enough to dance through.”

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