Paper Snowflake Cutting Tips

Ways Cutting a Paper Snowflake by Paula Beardell Krieg

A winter highlight here at home has been to make paper snowflakes. The moment of unfolding, when the mystery of how the cutting has created yet another masterpiece, rivets everyone’s attention. My son is an especially masterful paper cutter.

One of my previous winter posts shows the basics of how to fold paper to created a six-sided snowflake. Today I’ve created drawings to offer a way to make the cutting a bit more deliberate. In the drawing above, the one I want you to notice the most is the one on the top right: it explains how to make a snowflake that has six distinct points. So often people will cut equally from both sides, which results in a snowflake though still beautiful, is mostly round.

paper snowflakes
Reigning in Snowflakes

Here’s a black and white copy of the above page.

Tips for Cutting Tips off Snowflakes by Paula Beardell Krieg
Tips for Cutting Tips off Snowflakes

My plan for the next post or two will be pages that show some paper-folding methods, one for making the square that you need to start with, and one that explains the paper-folding method to make your own handy 60 degree angle, which is useful to have a guide when folding the snowflake paper into thirds.. When all the pages are done I am going to try to figure out how put them together in an EPUB format as well as in a PDF, which, for a couple of weeks, I will offer to send out to anyone who asks.

Make snow, keep warm.

Update 12/8/2015, just so you don’t have to click around to get the full set of snowflake instructions here’s the snowflake tutorial:

how to make a six sided snowflake from a dinner napkin
how to make a six sided snowflake from a dinner napkin

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