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Last Minute Wrapping Paper 2017

Paula Krieg

Last year, on December 24, I posted a page of decorative papers I had created to do some last minute wrapping. To make the papers I lifted images from pages and posts made by people whose work I love, so, naturally, I loved the papers. It was such a pleasure to do that I’m doing it again.

See the PDF at the bottom of the post to get the best copies.

Dan-Anderson's wrap
Dan Annderson

Here’s an exquisite doodle by Dan Anderson. Of this, he indicated that he didn’t really know what was going on with the creation of this graphic….which is how I usually feel about everything I do.
Simon Gregg’s wrap

The page above is based off a graphic by Simon Gregg. A big part of the reason I picked this image is that it is part of a post that I really loved reading,
Suzanne von Oy

Suzanne Von Oy created a Desmos graph, which showed cows in a tornado. It was so silly that I, of course, had to play around with  it. That middle, green swirl in the picture above, is suppose to be kind of like a Christmas Tree with cow ornaments. (don’t judge me)
Mike Lawler

Here’s another image that I chose based on how much I liked the post that it is part of. There were all sorts of wild shapes associated with this Lawler family post, but I like how rotating just one of the images made this fun pattern.

Malke Rosenfeld

When I saw this image stars-in-circles posted by Malke Rosenfeld, it just knocked my socks off.  Note the link in the caption, it says Star-o-Rama and how to make them!
Martin Holtham

It was unusually hard to figure out which of Martin Holthman mathart images to play with, as, lately, he has been having way too much fun making cool stuff. .Finally picked out this,  because it was not only awesome, but also seasonally snowflakish.
John Golden

I discovered the graphing program Desmos shortly after it came on-line. I’m not fluent enough in math to make amazing graphics with it (yet?).  Geogebra has been around for, well, I don’t know how long. I haven’t spent much time with it, but John Golden has spent a great deal of time with it. I really couldn’t decide which of his images to use, so I chose two. I considered chosing three, but I’ll save that third one for another project. I think that wrapping a small package with these undulating black and white lines will look really great. I’m especially looking forward to using this one.
John Golden

What’s the point of making mathy wrapping paper without some rhombic tori? No point at all. So here you have them, thanks to Mr. Golden.

If you want to print any or all of these papers,  I thin that the best way to do it is from a PDF.

Here’ the PDF Wrapping Paper 2017 . All nine images are here, but you can choose to print just the ones you need today using the dialog box on your printer.

Happy wrapping.

math sandbox

Last Minute Wrapping Paper

Lawler and Krieger
after Lawler and Krieger Click here for full sheet of printable paper

I am sure you still have a few presents to wrap.

I recently made some wrapping paper starting with images lifted from the twitter images of people that I follow. I liked the images so well that, well, if you need some last minute wrapping paper, you’re in luck, cuz I made more…

after Simon Gregg and Mark Chubb click here for printing

At it’s best, twitter is an interactive, conversational platform. As I was putting together these images I noticed that many of the images I was looking a had a collaborative component  before I lifted and fiddled with them.

after Dan Anderson's Moires
after Dan Anderson’s Moires Printing Page Click here

There are seven images here. After I started looking at through images of people that I follow, I felt like I could have stayed at the computer from now until Christmas, making these. But that would be silly because I wouldn’t get any presents wrapped.

after Malke Rosenfeld
after Malke Rosenfeld Click here for best printing 

If the originators of these images feel I have overstepped by taking their work, overlaying my own explorations on to them, and presenting them here, well, I hope they tell me and I will make polite adjustments.

made by me with Dan Anderson OP snowflakes
made by me with Dan Anderson OP snowflakes click here for printing

I had a hard time choosing from the really rich visual imagery that people are posting. Doing this gave me the excuse to scroll through peoples’ feeds, and I was surprised by how much I miss.

Martin Holtham-aug-29-1
Martin Holtham, modified Click here for printable page

I was quite sure that I was going to include something of John Golden’s, as he often dazzles me. But he recently posted an image of his daughter’s cookies, and, well, I couldn’t resist making wrapping paper from these delicious looking confections.

based on Isabella's, photo by John Golden
based on Ysabella’s cookies, photo by John Golden click here for printing

Now, just for the record, and in no particular order, here are the links to the tweets that I referenced, so, if you are interested, you can see how I meddled.

Addendum. 23 hours later…..I have never ever had a post that was viewed as often on its first day as this one. I guess lots of people have last minute wrapping to do. I suppose I will plan on doing a wrapping paper post every  December 24 from now on. Here are the presents I’ve wrapped with these papers: