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T -Cut Origami Booklet

T-Cut Origami Booklet, Paula Krieg

This folded booklet, which is a variation of the 8 page origami pamphlet, has characteristics that I’ve been appreciating lately.

What I’m liking about it is that the first and last pages are free from folds on their far edges. This gives the structure two advantages over the 8-page origami pamphlet that I like so much. The fist advantage is the book can be spread out better for display. The second advantage that I am thinking about today is that it can work nicely in a pamphlet which is set up to have replaceable pages.

Simple Pamphlet
Pamphlet/Booklet Cover

Here’s what I’m thinking about: I have this sweet little pamphlet with a pocketed cover, beads sewn on the spine, made with unique bits of paper from my stash. If I sew pages into the pamphlet, once the pages are filled with my lists, scribbles, notes to self, I will be sad to see this item become useless. But what if I can easily replace the pages?

Booklet with sewn in belt
Booklet with sewn in belt

With the end-use in mind, instead of sewing in pages, I sewed in this narrow belt…I suppose it could have been the height of the cover, but this narrow piece was left-over from another project, and I wanted to use it.

HIdden Magnets
HIdden Magnets

I scavenged some magnets strips from an outdated business card on my fridge, and glued them on to the belt, front and back, When I sandwich the ends of my t-cut origami pamphlet between the magnets the pages stay nicely in place.

Here’s a little video clip showing the pages being replaced:

And here’s what the paper looks like when it’s unfolded, which you can also see at the top of the tutorial page on the top of this post.

T-Cut origami booklet,  fully unfolded
T-Cut origami booklet, fully unfolded

These kinds of simple solutions are so satisfying.