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Double-Wide Zine

Double Wide Zine, made with two pieces of copy paper The point of my last post Stuffed Grape Leaves was to start to create content for a small black-and-white-copy-machine zine. If you’re wondering what a “zine” is, well, you’re not alone.  There doesn’t seem to be any clear consensus on the definition of zine, but, happily, there doesn’t seem to be any debate about it either: just discussions and conjectures. An enjoyable read about this is on the Brooklyn College Zine site .  I also like what the New York Public Library has to say on the subject. Personally, I think of a zine as a book made on a copy machine from a single sheet of paper, which is then folded into book form.getting pages ready for a zine There’s so much that I wanted to put in this little book that I decided it needed to be made out of two sheets of standard size copy paper. I grabbed content, as well as some of the comments, from my last post, and added in a bit more. Stuffed Grape Leaf Zine in progress The two pages had to be laid back-to-back and glued along one edge. It’s easy to glue them together wrong, so I made put dotted lines, which define where the paper is cut, in the part that will be the middle of the book. This proved to be a good landmark for me. If you look close you can see the dotted line above the word Stuffed.  The photo at the top of this post show what the pages look like after being glued together.close up of zine in progress Here’s a close up of the dotted line and the second page, still barely visible, and it disappears completely when the cut is made. Zine in progress Next, the pages are flipped over, and the edges are folded towards the center. Zine closer to being done Flipped over again, cut on the dotted line… stuffed-9---Copy …then opened into an open book that needs to be closed. One again, here’s a link to a whole collection of directions on how to do this.  Stuffed Grape Leaves zine Okay, so I made a bunch of these. It felt good. But then I happened to come across an itty bitty book by David Massengill, that Sarah, from Caffe Lena, had given to me after David had performed at Lena. (BTW, if you click on David’s link his music will immediately start playing. This is something that usually irritates me, but not in this case. His music is completely enchanting…as are his little books.)   david massengill's itty bitty book cover This book stands just about three inches high, and, though the structure is a different variation of the one that I’ve shown, it’s still of the put-through-the-copy machine-and-start-folding genre. david Massengill's itty bitty book This book was written and drawn with such a light, clear hand that I was envious…not an emotion that I like, but one that I will allow to influence the next little zine I make. Now I’m going to go have a listen to David’s music.    

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How to Make an Origami Pamphlet

how to make an origami book out of one piece of paper
Making an 8-page Origami Pamphlet

The first time that I saw printed directions for this book stucture was in a book, which I did not buy, in a Teachers Store somewhere in Brooklyn, about thirty years ago.  I tried to memorize the instructions (I failed).   It was a couple of years before I found it again.

Over the years I have come across many, many sets of instructions for this structure.  Maybe one day someone will collect as many versions as they can find and post them all in one place.  But, for now, here’s my most current version (This, the third or forth attempt at getting it right.)   If you want to print it out, this link : Making an 8-page Origami Pamphlet will be a better quality than the above image. For black and white printing, here is the B&W handout for the Origami Pamphlet.

And, just for fun, here are a few more links to directions posted by other people:

Addendum March 5, 2014 : I’ve just created a Pinterest board with loads of different versions of instructions of this same structure. It’s a fun look at all the variations. http://www.pinterest.com/bookzoompa/a-collection-of-how-to-make-an-orgami-pamphlet-eig/

Please send me links to any other tutorials like this that you may find!