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Building Up Textures

 texture detail 2x+1
texture detail 2x-1

As I am waiting for the last of the star-tiles to arrive in my inbox I am thinking about another gathering of images. This time I’m thinking about straight lines.

2x+1 op
2x+ -1 Dan Anderson Open Processing

I’ve always been a fan of textures that are built up with simple markings.  When I first saw Dan Anderson’s images made in Open Processing they totally caught my interest. There’s no one particular image that his interactive image create, like if you go to the link on screenshot above you will see something that looks very different from the image here. There is, however, a system of rules that govern these images, and I’ve been looking at this page on and off for months now, responding to it in different ways.

Zooming out 2x-1

This time around I decided to trace the line. This is a step beyond work that I did years ago, in which I would fill up a page with closely spaced parallel pencil lines. I liked the way the pencil marking, which would by their nature, go on to the paper with varying degrees of darkness. Now, with lines mapped out for me, I can describe the lines with different textures.

When it first occurred to me to do this I wondered how crazy this might be to do, but that sort of consideration just required getting to it. In fact, it took only a few hours, after all, it’s just a total of 160 lines, so it turned out to be completely doable, at least at the scale of standard copy paper.

2x-1-full image

These are done with Sharpies. I haven’t figured out how to make this a group project, but I am thinking about it. Seems to be it would best be done analog, not through the computer. In any case, I will likely will be looking at it more closely.

Looking very closely
Looking very closely

Like the star project that I am in the process of building, this way of working with both hand work and digital tools creates results that I couldn’t get using just one or the other way of working. I’m having a great time with it.