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Pleated Closure, Variation

A pleated closure which is a variation of Hedi Kyle’s School Book Wrapper with Pleat

Hedi Kyle shows an elegant wrapper with an exquisite pleated closure (Art of the Fold, project 34). I love the pleat and the way the book block slips into the wrapper. Some beautiful papers that have are too small (8 1/2″ x 11″ and 11″ x 15″) to use for Hedi’s structure. This set me thinking about how to create a cover with a pleated closure which uses less paper.

What I came up with doesn’t to retain the perfect way Hedi’s book slides into the cover. Instead, I did a little pamphlet stitch to attach the pages into the folder. This method allows me to use my papers to make a larger book. Oh, and there’s a perk to doing the sewing: I can add on some beads.

This is what I showed to the group who have been showing up to fold with me on Saturdays.

What’s fun is that I come up with a variation of what I learn from Hedi Kyle, then the people I teach my variation to make variations of their own.

Pleated Closures, variations by Ruth Nuesch

Two details that I want your to know in Ruth Nuesch’s books, above, are one, that in the lower folder she went ahead and made the folder with a relatively narrow piece of paper -she just made it work- and two, notice how she figured out how to include the pencil on to the strap.

Below, here’s one by Sarah Bailey Knight.

Sarah Bailey Knight

What especially delights me about this one by Sarah Bailey Knight is here selection of papers for the book block.

I generally am not making special videos of my Saturday open zoom workshops, but this is a structure that I’m afraid I’d forget if I didn’t record it. Here’s the video:

For anyone who is still interested, I’ll be continuing doing the zoom videos up until February 5, 2022. That’s four more sessions. All details at


Pleating Around

Pleating at the Blue Pig Tavern
Pleating at the Blue Pig Tavern

Last spring I taught a pleating class at Center for Book Arts. The timing was interesting in that the warm weather was coming, and people who had been home bound due to Covid concerns began to venture out. One of my pleaters, Barbara, went to visit family. Along the way she collected paper items, such travel brochures, and transformed them with folds.

Pleating at the Blue Pig Tavern side detail
Pleating at the Blue Pig Tavern side detail

I don’t get out much. Covid is increasing in the area that I live in. My county has one of the lowest vaccinations rates around. But I do get out some…and when I do, I try to remember to pick up something to fold.

A few months ago, I had breakfast out with friends in Ridgewood, New Jersey. I pleated the placement. The waitress loved what I did so much that I gave it her. She said she wanted to share it with her mother. I didn’t take a photo.

Pleating at the Blue Pig Tavern top detail
Pleating at the Blue Pig Tavern top detail

About two weeks ago my older sister invited friends and family to a post-wedding morning breakfast at the fabulous Blue Pig Tavern in Cape May, NJ. A nice crowd of us sat at a long table, still winding down from the night before. My younger sister was at my end of the table, as were other guests, including one of my older sister’s best friends from high school, who is the gloriously talented artist, Coral Bourgeois. As my little family and I left to start the long drive home, I asked Coral if I could have her placemat.

Placemat Pleating, view from above
Placemat Pleating, view from above

In all, I was able to walk away with three placemats. Mine, Bri’s and Coral’s. I knew I’d be doing some pleating, so even though it’s kind of weird to slyly inspect people’s placemats to determine if they have eaten neatly enough, I wasn’t going to risk having just one piece of paper to work with.

Placemat Pleating, base detail
Placemat Pleating, base detail

Good thing I had three. It’s taken me a few false starts to make something that I liked. I just kept refolding one of the placements (which eventually tore in many places, had to be repaired, and is on the backside of this folded item) until I was sure of how to proceed. Having three of them took all the pressure away. You see, I wanted to make this for my Instagram page so I could tag Coral. It was so nice to connect with her, and I wanted some continuance.

This pleating was inspired by my class participant (and now friend) Barbara. My daughter did something else that weekend which I also had to join in on. During a beach walk, she collected and arranged shells.

I followed suit, thinking about waves. Sine waves…


She and I had time to make our shell masterpieces, as my son John and his sweetheart, Bri, just enjoyed the beauty of the ocean in autumn.

I love the idea of site specific work. It was great to actually go somewhere and dip my toes ever so lightly into working this way again.