November 20

November 20, Weblog Birthday, Twelve Years


Twelve years of tossing ideas into the web!

I celebrated by inviting whoever wanted to show up to join me for some folding. Thirty-eight people came, from Susan in Alaska, where is was five degrees below zero, to a lovely woman from the Southern US, where it was 95 degrees, and Canada to Florida, and even a night owl from the UK.

We made little accordion books. It went just as planned. People showed up early, we chatted, I started a demonstration two minutest after the hour, opened the mics for questions, then I slowed down and taught this sweet simple structure slowly. The last 10 minutes people asked all sorts of questions.

And then we were done.

I will be doing this again next Saturday, same time, same zoom link, different accordion variation.

Am hoping that, again, people will show up early and show off what they made from this week. Then we’ll get to work.

See my last post for all the details.

Happy Birthday, Bookzoompa!

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Happy Blog Birthday #9

Cut Paper Doodles
Cut Paper Doodles

For it’s birthday, I’ve made this nine-year old blog  a  pop-up card, inspired by Arno Célérier, whose work I saw on David A. Carter’s facebook page. I generally don’t spend much time making pop-ups, but I do like cutting paper. Sometimes, while sitting having morning coffee with my husband, I cut silly little shapes from any paper that near me, just because I like the activity of cutting. Then I throw the shapes away. 

Seeing Arno Célérier’s work has made me think about assembling these little paper doodles into pop-up cards.



Paper Doodle Pop-up Card

The  assemblages above is to celebrate nine years of blogging.

On this same date, in 2014, four years ago, I started engaging on twitter, so it’s a four-year old birthday for @paulakrieg. Here’s my birthday card to my twitter handle.

Doodling in Dimensions
Doodling in Dimensions

A sweet little close up detail:

detail of paper play

I’m liking having been inspired to play in this way.

Happy Birthday to all!

November 20

Happy WebBlog Birthday, 7 years old!

Birthday Blog Girl
Birthday Blog Girl


Once again acknowledging the happiness that this blog gives me, for seven years now.

Blog map
Blog map from 10/22

It used to be that the USA and the United Kingdom were always where my blog was most viewed. While it still stands that the US is by far where most visitors originate from, I ‘ve noticed a changing trend in the #2 spot of most-views-from. Yesterday, Israel provided the second most views. In the past two weeks, after the US, top number of views have come from the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany, the Netherland and India. Occasionally I see views from unexpected places like Qatar, Lebanon, and Guam (which I think isn’t even shown on the wordpress map?). Yes, it’s satisfying to know that people are interested in what I’ve been publishing on this site.

The two most clicked images this year, and last, were these:

How to make an origami Pocket by Paula Krieg
Click to enlarge for reading or printing


How to make 2 basic Pop-ups
How to make 2 basic Pop-ups

Two of my favorite posts from this past year were the Ta-Dah! post which featured the collaboration of brave souls to create two beautifully diverse stars.

First Star


Second star


Steve Morris wrote a timely, prescient blog post  in which he used one of the images above. You can view it on his blog at

I have lots more favorite posts of this past year, but here’s another image from just one more:

texture from

I’ve had lots of fun this year responding to geometric and numeric sequence equations that Dan Anderson and Martin Holman have posted on twitter.

Also, this past year, Mike Lawler responded so enthusiastically to a post I wrote about a pentagon box  that I got inspired to make lots more boxes. Maybe I will write more about these at a later date.

Template for Puff Box
Template for Puff Box

Finally, I’ve been recently most enthralled by the Zhen Xian Bao, a structure that Sue Cole had introduced me to. To date, I’ve written seven posts on these, and most recently have been working on deciphering the secrets of creating my own version of this traditional piece of folk art. It turns out that all the attention I’ve given to geometry and math has been invaluable in sorting out ways to work the details of this Chinese folded structure! What a surprise…img_0513

Actually, as I look back on the year, I am seeing many more posts I want to highlight as a highlight….but I will stop here. It’s just that, OMG, I am just so grateful to have to place to share all of this with you.