Autumn Workshops 2022

I will be teaching a total for four workshops that are three-session weekly zoom classes, through the Center for Book Arts, during the Autumn 2022. People can choose to join afternoon sessions or evening sessions. These workshops lets me explore my fascination with working artfully and skillfully with paper.

Links below

Realm of Solids afternoon session

Realm of Solids evening session

Pleating and other Dynamic Folds afternoon session

Pleating and other Dynamic Folds evening session


Family Activity at Museum of Mathematics, NYC 2019

Here’s what it says on National Museum of Mathematics website:

Discover an ingenious way of cutting and folding paper to create compact containers that fold flat.  Originally used to create a simple yet elegant way to store embroidery supplies, this traditional Chinese technique transforms utilitarian boxes into folded art.  A simple cover expands to reveal a set of three stacked compartments, highlighting the delightful interplay between utility and design.  Join artist and educator Paula Beardell Krieg as she brings this ancient craft to life, allowing everyone to construct and take home their very own Hidden Boxes.

I can’t seem to link directly to the page with the info, but poke around a bit, or google Momath Paula Krieg, and you will find you way there.


I will be teaching two workshops at The Center for Book Arts this Fall, 2019

Math and Paper Arts in the Classroom, Saturday, October 26

Chinese Thread Book, Thursday and Friday, November 14 and 15