Engaging Students in Whole Body Learning

I’ve been reading a book by Malke Rosenfeld about teaching children math concepts by engaging whole body movements. I devoured every word of this Math on the Move, took copious notes, and am reading it again, even though I don’t anticipate that I will ever exactly do this thing that Malke writes about. What I… Continue reading Engaging Students in Whole Body Learning


Hexagons and the Golden Ratio

This past Sunday I brought some hexagons to a nearby library, where a homeschooling group was meeting, hoping to do some math/art. My thinking was to bring something that was playful, hands-on, and that combined visuals and math in a way that would be both engaging and instructive.  The woman who asked me to do… Continue reading Hexagons and the Golden Ratio

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Loose Ends

    Last week I worked on organizing my desks and workspace. This week I’ve been trying to clear ideas out of my thoughts by getting out the things I’ve been thinking about. Writing posts and making videos are like my pensieve in the Harry Potter movies. So today I did a video dump. Three… Continue reading Loose Ends