At the National Museum of Mathematics

Math, Art and Puzzles in the City

Geez, had I known the math people have such a knack for playing around with materials to make exuberant visuals, I would have found my way back to math years before I did. I just recently got back from the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) MOVES conference, celebrating recreational mathematics, which was finally scheduled after pandemic… Continue reading Math, Art and Puzzles in the City

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Paper, Books and Math Workshop

There’s this overlap of paperfolding, bookmaking and math that’s been in my sights for sometime now. Next month The Center For Book Arts has me on the schedule to share my interest with educators. It’s a natural fit: Fold a piece of paper in half a couple of times and you’ve got a book. There… Continue reading Paper, Books and Math Workshop

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Engaging Students in Whole Body Learning

I’ve been reading a book by Malke Rosenfeld about teaching children math concepts by engaging whole body movements. I devoured every word of this Math on the Move, took copious notes, and am reading it again, even though I don’t anticipate that I will ever exactly do this thing that Malke writes about. What I… Continue reading Engaging Students in Whole Body Learning