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Hexaflexagons in the Summertime

This past Wednesday was my third three-hour meeting with a group of teenagers I am doing projects with this summer. I’m getting to know these young people a bit more, which is the best part of what I do. It means a lot to me to be able bring projects to them which they enjoy,… Continue reading Hexaflexagons in the Summertime

Flexagons · geometry and paperfolding · hexagon · Paper Toy

Hexagon-Flexagon meets the Double Arm Trig

Although I intend the title of this post to refer to what I’ve been messing around with this weekend, I’m not really sure it means anything. What’s been happening in my studio is that I’ve wanted to mix up some interesting lines with some interesting folds. After a person with the handle of GHS Maths posted a group of… Continue reading Hexagon-Flexagon meets the Double Arm Trig