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Folding for Ukraine

Folding for Ukraine

Here’s an event that deserves its own post. I very much want to spread the word about this opportunity to show support to Ukraine while at the same time spending time with some incredibly special people.

This Sunday, January 29, 2023 the organization Folding Didactics is hosting a day-long conference, Folding for Ukraine, They are asking for a mere donation of  2 $/€/£, which will go towards the work they do to show solidarity with the Ukrainians struggle for freedom.

Paul Jackson

The cause is stellar, and so is the line-up. Three of my heroes in one zoom event! Paul Jackson, whose books I’m been devouring for years, will be there.

An Origami Snake that I learned watching Dr Lizzie Burns during a live folding session in March 2021

Dr. Lizzie Burns, whose approach to teaching paper folding completely captivated me when I found her during the early days of Covid lock down days, will also be presenting.

Joan Sallas

Joan Sallas, a highly skilled folder, passionate scholar, and delightful instructor, provides the final workshop of the day. Joan recently showed his amazing collection of Zhen Xian Bao to a group of Ukrainian teachers, which I was lucky enough to have joined through zoom. Joan lives in Spain, gave his presentation in French, which was then translated into in the language of Ukraine. It was amazing to see many of the Zhen Xian Bao in his collection. I have been a fan of Joan’s research and instruction for as long as I’ve known about him. He will be talking about methods for teaching folding, which is something I absolutely don’t want to miss.

Nick Robinson, Lee Armstrong, and Micheal LaFosse will be presenting earlier in the day. I don’t these three gentlemen, but am looking forward to getting to know them.

The final event of the day will be Ukrainian teachers talking briefly about their work and their experiences in using origami during the war.

As I’m waking up here in New York at 7am Sunday morning, the folding event will just be heading into their 3 pm afternoon break. When they resume at 4 pm EEST/ UTC/ GMT+2 time it will be 8am here. Fortunately, Folding Didactics will make the recordings available to registrants. Needless to say, I’ve registered. Hope you check it out, too.

Folding For Ukraine

5 thoughts on “Folding for Ukraine

  1. Hi Paula, This looks wonderful. Thanks for the heads up. I think I booked but don’t have confirmation info. Did you get anything back? Lorrie Oswald. ZXB class MN


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