Paper in the Closet

Hanging Paper
In the closet

The best part about teaching is meeting so many brilliant people. But here’s the thing: when teaching over zoom, making space to let people’s brilliance pour out can be tricky, especially when they need to be on mute.

This past spring, when Susan Share and I were teaching a series of zoom classes, we encouraged the people in the class (as well as “alumni”) to meet independently of class time, which they did. Sometimes Susan and/or I would show up. It was great fun for us to hang out with these folks without having an agenda to complete.

One of the people in our class, Davida, wanted to host a gathering with a theme, which was to have people talk about how they store paper. Twenty people showed up!

Personally, I have an area separate from my house which contains lots of flat files and large shelving, so I’m all set, right? Wrong!!! I am often working in my home, and I have always struggled with finding a place to put paper. Have been tucking paper under couches, in portfolios, and other awkward places. NO MORE!

Sharon, a paper-person who has a long history with Stuff told us how she stores paper. Her method knocked my socks off, and I will never be the same.

She uses skirt hangers with clips. Like these.

It makes so much sense.

I have a closet upstairs (top photo) that actually has space in it. Well, it did…now my larger papers have emerged from their former awkward hiding places and are now neatly hanging together

And that’s not all.

When I want paper, I simply lift the hanger out of the closet, lay it on my cutting mat which is on my ironing board, and take what I want. It’s so easy.

And not only that…when I’m downstairs, where there’s no closets (really no closets, this is an 1860’s farmhouse) but lots of bookshelves, I can dangle a skirt hanger from a bookshelf. Here’s a close-up, below, to show how it attaches.

You can see that there’s a large binders clip clipped to the bookshelf, from which I can hang the hanger. (It might be a good idea to put some soft protection between the clip and the wood?) A perk of using the clip is that it’s easy to move to the other end of the bookshelf if I need to get to whatever it is the paper is blocking.

Often the papers I’m hanging are too heavy for the skirt hanger. No problem.

When the papers are too heavy for the clips that come with the hangers, I simply use more binders clips on the hangers. Works like a charm.

I am so grateful for this paper storage solution that I want everyone to know about it.

Now I just need some ideas about what to do with the pile of skirts that are on the floor in my bedroom closet.

9 thoughts on “Paper in the Closet

  1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I also use binder clips on the edges of shelves. I especially like the novelty ones that are larger than usual, The skirt hanger idea is a winner. At the risk of buying yet more plastic…I like the all soft-plastic ones: less likely to dent the paper


      1. I agree..I like scrap paper between the good paper and a binder clip.
        Related: I discovered a bag of varied-sized plastic clamps at Lowe’s. Great for applying pressure on just-glued layers. Ace bandages are perfect for that, and no dents!

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