Origami Pockets and a Paper Pickup Truck

Origami Pockets by Kyra

Today’s post is reposting of someone else’s blog. This is only the second time I’ve done a reposting in the 12 years I’ve been writing on these pages.

Celeste Bancos wrote about the way she and her son journeyed through an exploration of folding and discovery. When I read this blog post last March, I was bursting was pleasure at being at all associated with any part of what they did together. The way they moved with their inquiry is exactly what artists do and what mathematicians do, allowing each question to generate another question, each step making their path increasingly unique. Today seems like the perfect day to acknowledge the unique brilliance of every child when they are given the chance and the support.

Coincidentally, the child I made origami pockets with 12 years ago is just now graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard. Congratulations Kyra!

The Daily Nurture

Now that our foster son Noah has moved out, Luke has been complaining a lot about being bored. I’ve been on the lookout for activities we can do together that hit the sweet spot of being educational enough to feel satisfying for me while not being “too hard” or “too boring” for him. I also want to help him fill out his repertoire of fun activities to do on his own, since I’m not able to spend all day long giving him my undivided attention.

The other day while he was hanging around my desk waiting for me to be done with work, he had the idea to make a pickup truck out of paper. Although I was worried that his ambition would outpace his skill level and he’d end up frustrated and crying, I certainly wasn’t going to discourage him from trying. I helped him collect paper, tape and…

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