Zoom Workshop

Folding Snowflakes, Together

paper snowflakes
paper snowflakes

Addendum: Yesterday, this was an announcement post for an open zoom workshop. Today I’m posting what we did.

First, here’s what Hana Murray posted about her paper snowflakes on Twitter.

Next, a look at Gerry McGuann’s Instagram:


What I wanted to do in this zoom session was to give people the tools to make snowflakes with 6 fold symmetry. For that, it’s good to have a 60 degree angle.

I showed people how to make a sixty degree angle, then folded like in the instruction sheet below. Notice that I like using paper napkins, because they are so easy to cut, but making a square from copy paper works just fine too. The thing is to start with a square, then fold it in half, then….see below.

how to make a paper snowflake
how to make a paper snowflake by Paula Krieg

Next I gave people some tips, like cutting off the tip to create a nice design in the center. I also talked about cutting lots off of one edge, though in retrospect, I wish I had emphasized that more, like in the yellow illustration below.

snowflake cutting tips

Susan Joy Share also brought some inspiring show-and-tell to the session. Here are some of her snowflakes hanging on her window in Alaska.

Snowflakes, Susan Joy Share

Join me today. Saturday, December 18, at 4PM EST to make 6 sided snowflakes.

Susan share this great facebook December 14, 2021 post by Daine Maurer-Mathison, which came from a December 6. 2020 post by Lith Klubas. I don’t know if this chart originated from Lith -there is some kind of indecipherable watermark in the lower right.

From a FB post, Lith Klubas

Note that the models above have one less layer of folding than mine.

It was a fun session. It got me going on making more.

My front door

I’m working on getting paper snowflakes on all of my windows. Very festive.

Yesterday I also announced Christmas week zoom sessions:. 1 pm EST, on Monday and Thursday, December 27 and December 30. Zoom link stays the same as previous sessions. In the new year I will resume the 30 minute zooms on Saturdays at 4, until the first week of February.

Paula Krieg is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 732 8168 5909
Passcode: XBFUX2

7 thoughts on “Folding Snowflakes, Together

  1. Looks like so much fun. I am still on the road, arriving at Erica’s in Breckenridge CO this afternoon. Alas, I will not be able to join for this. Hopefully Davida can enlighten me. Be well, Barbar


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  2. Finally I can come!!

    On Sat, Dec 18, 2021 at 10:33 AM Playful Bookbinding and Paper Works wrote:

    > Paula Beardell Krieg posted: ” paper snowflakes Join me today. Saturday, > December 18, at 4PM EST to make 6 sided snowflakes. Thirty minutes of > folding tips, cutting out pattern, and everyone gets to show off! Paula > Krieg is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Join ” >

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  3. I believe you said you would be posting the video tutorial after the original airing. Is it available?
    Thank you! I really enjoy the things you make.

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