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Accordions in the Air?

Linked French Fold Accordions, with spirits

Looks like my new favorite thing is 4 pm on Saturdays.

It feels like such a relief to be doing these open, half hour folding sessions which I wrote about doing a few weeks ago.

I had decided not to teach this fall because I thought I needed a break from teaching. What I now realize is what I needed a break from was the work around the teaching: writing up descriptions, figuring out supply lists, taking photos, working on promotion, and being accountable for providing good content. Okay, I’m still going to be doing all that again, but I sure did need a break from it. What I didn’t need a break from is just getting together and folding with a friendly group.

Deep Accordion Spine with added pages

I can’t help but suspect that the dozens of people who are showing up for these sessions also welcome break from having to stop and consider, then make commitment, register, and allot a significant portion of the time each time they want to make something with a group. Okay, people will still do all those things, but I imagine it feels good to folks, for a change, to just show up, or not, for a little casual folding.

French Folded Accordion made by Sharon Fiffer during the 10 minute works session

People are sending me photos of their work. It’s so inspiring to see all the different directions people are going in, starting with the same structure.

Here’s a link to what Gerry McGaunn posted on Instagram

Accordion by Ruth Nuesch

Last week, along with going over the details of making an origami pocket and a French fold accordion, I also provided everyone a link to Cathryn Miller’s blog. Coincidently, Cathryn is also showing one type of accordion after another this month. This is not the first time that Cathryn and I have been on the same track as each other. Sometimes I feel like we’re reading each other’s minds, sharing the same muse. It’s kind of a thrill to see this happening between us over and over again over the years. I encourage everyone to go see what she is up to.

Accordion by Sarah Barton

This link will take you to what Cathryn posted yesterday, day nine of her accordion tutorials.

Then, if you want to and can, come to the fourth my 12 sessions of 30 minutes of folding, and as I talk about the small details of folding. As usual this Saturday, 4pm EST on zoom. See the bottom of my announcement post for the zoom link.

3 thoughts on “Accordions in the Air?

  1. Hi Paula, I have really enjoyed the first two sessions but I did not receive an Email notice of last weeks session. Is there any post explaining what you did in that session? I don’t expect you to redo the session or anything, I was just wondering if you could direct me to a place that explained what went on last Sat. I thought maybe you had taken the week off. I am babysitting kids this week but will still try to tune in. Thank-you so much for doing this.

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    1. HI Sharon, I’m not sending out email updates about the sessions…trying to keep it casual and easy for now. But since you asked. we made origami pockets, and then did a French fold accordion, and talked about the advantages of folding a piece of paper in this manner. I won’t always have tutorial links to share about what I show, but this week I do. Here they are:


  2. Paula, During your project today you mentioned a book by Paul Johnson that this project came out of. Can you tell me the title of the book? I’m sorry I didn’t capture it when you showed it. thanks for the paper fun today Amy E



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