November 20

November 20, Weblog Birthday, Twelve Years


Twelve years of tossing ideas into the web!

I celebrated by inviting whoever wanted to show up to join me for some folding. Thirty-eight people came, from Susan in Alaska, where is was five degrees below zero, to a lovely woman from the Southern US, where it was 95 degrees, and Canada to Florida, and even a night owl from the UK.

We made little accordion books. It went just as planned. People showed up early, we chatted, I started a demonstration two minutest after the hour, opened the mics for questions, then I slowed down and taught this sweet simple structure slowly. The last 10 minutes people asked all sorts of questions.

And then we were done.

I will be doing this again next Saturday, same time, same zoom link, different accordion variation.

Am hoping that, again, people will show up early and show off what they made from this week. Then we’ll get to work.

See my last post for all the details.

Happy Birthday, Bookzoompa!

5 thoughts on “November 20, Weblog Birthday, Twelve Years

  1. Congratulations, Paula! What a splendid way to celebrate your art, sharing with others while folding paper in beautiful, interesting ways. Here’s to at least 12 more years of playful bookbinding and paper works.

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