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Flexagons and Me at MoMath

Some time ago I created this new kind of flexagon. I’ve kept the secret to myself long enough that I’m ready to share it. The Museum of Mathematics is hosting my reveal through their events program, via zoom, this coming Thursday, August 12 at 6::30. flexagon.momath.org. I want everyone to join me there.

There are many different kinds of flexagons. All of them can be folded into different configurations to reveal hidden sides and to show different patterning. I am enthralled by this genre of paper folding.

Some flexagons are quite tricky to fold. I think of this one that I’ve made as being elegant because it’s super easy to fold. It’s one of those things, that after you know it, you wonder why hadn’t you figured this out yourself.

I want everyone who likes my work to sign up for this event! It’s only $10 to join, and you can have your friends and family sitting with you with the same link. What’s even better is that proceeds will be benefiting the museum itself.

I’ve wanted to do this at MoMath because, throughout the lock-down, I’ve been so impressed by how MoMath kept up their programing via zoom, with programs for everyone from young children to senior citizens. The wide range of people they supported with their programs was truly impressive, and quite affordable including many free events, and lots of $5 sale events.

Oh, one more thing.

I’m making a graphic available for people to decorate. I designed this graphic specifically for my flexagon. I’m not sure if the museum will be distributing it (I think they will), but if not, I will make it available directly for people who sign up.

Gather together a couple of sheets of regular copy paper, glue stick, scissors, scrap paper, and four paper clips.

Be there or be square.

It would mean the world to me.


11 thoughts on “Flexagons and Me at MoMath

  1. Thank you, Paula! I am excited and have signed up through the link Helen Hiebert shared in her posting today. I am intrigued by flexagons, too, but have struggled with creating them so I know your teaching will help.


  2. Hello Paula, 

    As someone who is totally right brained, I am looking forward to taking this class. I am a retired K-8 art teacher and volunteer at my 12 year old grandsons after school program.  When will the graphic be emailed, and will permission be given for me to use in the after school program? Thank you, Mary Jane Bohlen psI was happy they offered the $5.00 sale as I now have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and my meds are very pricey. So, thank you!

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    1. I’m not exactly sure what the museum is going to do about the graphic, but I am happy to send it to anyone who wants it, and yes you may use it in your after school program. Please do!
      I will send it to you.


  3. Paula, i would love to take this class, but am not available at the scheduled time 😦

    Do you know if MoMath will offer a recorded option? or could i figure it out myself with the graphic? If so, i’ll gladly sign up.


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