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Revisiting the Gryobifastigium

A couple of years ago I wrote about a shape with the wild name gyrobigastigium. I made and sent off a a collection of them to a group show. After they were returned they were boxed up and and tucked away. Recently I was feeling a bit of sadness that all the thoughts and ponderings and joy that this shape brought to me had also gone into deep storage.

I found the box, opened it, and began to move the solids around.

Many gyrobifastigium

These solids were as every bit as engaging as I had remembered them to be.

A few days later I saw, on Twitter,a thread written by Dr, Martin Skrodzk announcing that the German Mathematical Society had put out a call for papers for an on-line mini symposium called “Mathematics and Arts.”

Having just been forlorn, thinking about my shapes, I decided to submit. I had to write an abstract. I’m not really sure what mathematicians want to see in an abstract, so I asked some questions and wrote something.

My submission was accepted!

The symposium happens between Sept 27 and October 1. I think I saw, somewhere on their website that registration is free for teachers. Not 100% sure of that, but am checking. 

If you are interested, here’s the PDF of what I wrote. It’s a short, fun read. I hope you take a look.





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