Pleated Star and Template

Creating this radial pleating occupied much of this past week.

Would love to see other people make something like this, so am sharing the process and the template.

This began by seeing a folding designed by Anna Rudanksi in Paul Jackson’s Complete Pleats book, page 199…

…and Tomoko Fuse’s infinite folds, Origami Art Works by a Modern Master, page 84.

I tried out a few different ways to set up the folding. The PDF below shows the final pattern I made then folded. The paper is 11″ x 17.” For more about how to make all these creases, take a look at my video which shows how to do this sort of folding.

When I was testing out the folding pattern, I was using a 24 lb paper. I think I would like something slightly heavier if I was making the whole thing out of paper. What I actually used is something that is a synthetic paper, which can get wet, because the finished piece is going to hang on an outside door.

Scoring then folding

I made 10 of these pieces, first scoring then folding.

I did the folding over several days.

Next step was to group them together in pairs, overlapping by 25%. Used linen thread to sew them together, since I didn’t trust this synthetic paper with adhesives. Also did a turn in on the lower (inside) the edges. Not really sure if this was really necessary. For the turn in, I used the method that Joe Nakashima shows in his Origami Fireworks video between 7’10” and 8’20.”

Here’s me with my husband, hoping that eight units would be enough. Nope, needed two more.

Finished piece is 25 inches cross. Rays are every 12 degrees. One step is left, which is to mount it on board so that it can hang up.

I’m quite happy with the way this piece turned out.

Not everyone in my household shares my enthusiasm.

Addendum: If you liked this post and want to consider supporting a children’s Lunch, Learn and Play program in my rural community, please visit this link to discover some math/art that you or some children you know might find inspiring. It’s a collection of math/art cards to color, which I designed and which have a story and the link to the math that they are built with.

One thought on “Pleated Star and Template

  1. Thank you Paula. Have been dreaming of working on wall pieces—so this is quite inviting. On the road now and will be back in my studio this weekend. Be well, Barbara



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