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Cutting Curves by Cutting Straight

One of my favorite lesson with kids is talking to them about how to cut curvy lines.

One of the main reasons I teach this is so that first graders can cut a tracing of their hands to put into books that we make. Ever notice how much a child’s hand grows between first grade and second grade? This offers a student a record of this growth.

Not having a child handy at the moment, I’m making these random shapes.

The secret to cutting beautiful, sinuous curves is to cut in a straight line, moving the paper, not the scissors.

In the video demonstration below, I liken this to driving a car or riding a bicycle: all those curves and turns, but you stay looking straight ahead, turning the wheel, not your body.

This is a short post, to get myself back to posting, which I have missed. Hard to believe, that, now, during pandemic isolation, I am busier than ever, but I am! Still, I don’t want to stray too long from this space, which I love.

Short and sweet video below

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