Making Something before Looking Forward

Georgia on My Mind, January 5, 2021

The act of making something focuses me in a positive direction Paper folding engages me in just the right way.

Isolated here at home due to pandemic concerns, feeling agitated by the events of the day, it occurs to me that maybe you would like to do a bit of paper folding, too.

To make the monolith above, I start with a template of straight lines that is on page 68 of Paul Jackson’s book Cut and Fold Techniques for Pop-Up Designs.

I sketch out the lines on a piece of paper. The vertical lines are evenly spaced across the paper. A few days ago I folded a model based on Jackson’s lines exactly as they are, which I suggest that you do too.

Cut and Fold lines for Georgia on My Mind

For this day’s fold, I’m taking some liberties with the lines. Adding some curves, redefining the top edge, then doing the folds according to the first drawing. And that’s it.

I added a bit of color to my model, using a highlighter and a yellow circle. Then I carefully photographed it so it would look enormous. It’s four inches high.

Pretty simple for something that is so dimensional.

Full disclosure, I didn’t draw my curvy cut lines, simply made an indication with straight lines about where the cutting should go. That what works for me. Do what ever works for you. Hope you try this out.




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