Art in the Time of Transformation

We are products of our times.

This is a time of transformation. We feel the shift.

I need to make art. It keeps me steady. Yet I’ve been feeling disoriented. I dare say we all have been feeling some degree of disorientation, distraction, and brain scramble.

Even though I have to get back to work I can’t just pick up where I left off.

Those of us who need to do our work still need to do our work.

Here is what I am keeping in mind:

  • Do something, anything that is artful: I like the analogy that a parked car can’t change direction. In order to respond to the changing times I have to find a way to move/make. For me, right now, what that’s looking like is working with some geometries; taking my time, starting simply, working slowly. I know that one making leads to another.


Here’s what I’m doing the rest of the time :

  • Cleaning: this creates space for what comes next.
  • Napping: this helps to process the changes.
  • Caring for my physical self: take walks, eat mindfully, brush my hair.
  • Connecting with others from a social distance: phone calls, letters, social media, donations.  Today I will hang some rainbow paper chains in my front yard.


The art that is in me is now in reset mode.  I’m okay with that.


6 thoughts on “Art in the Time of Transformation

  1. I also feel distracted/disoriented, but am continuing to prepare for a solo exhibition (whether it happens as scheduled or not) plus doing things to help entertain/occupy others. I’m planning a menko garland for Easter weekend. I will hang it beside the road where my neighbours walk.


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