For the Children Staying at Home Looking for Something To Do

I have been distracted, searching for my niche in the stay-at-home world that we’re in right now. This morning it occured to me that this blog was made for this moment.

When I was about 6 six years old my sisters and I stayed with my grandparents and uncle out in the country. I was always searching for something do to. During one of his visits, my father gave me McCalls Big Make-it Book. I would pour over the pages of that book, looking for projects that I could do. Sadly, most of the projects called for special materials. Still, I would go back to the book over and over again, looking for something to do. I remember the hope and the frustration each time I opened the book.

I see this photo of this little girl, and it reminds me of myself

It occurs to me that my commitment to creating projects out of available materials is an on-going response to that little girl who always wanted to make something.

For ten years I’ve been posting, projects. Browse freely. Download my support materials.  There’s so much here, though, that it could use some curation. Therefore…

What I will be doing is using my twitter account to reference projects, one at a time, maybe one each weekday, that can be done at home using what’s around. I will try to highlight aspects of projects that I find particularly educationally relevant. On some days I may highlight or create new content on my youtube channel.

While my twitter feed will link to past projects, I will continue to make posts on this site that reflects the things that I am thinking about right now.

Bookmaking by Paula Beardell Krieg

The first post that I plan on highlighting will be directions on how to make an eight page book out of a single piece of paper. It’s something that I firmly believe every child should learn. Being able to make a little book, without needing anything but a piece of paper, is an empowering activity.  There’s a sweet post that I wrote about some impromptu bookmaking I did with some first graders, in which I point out that not knowing much about reading and writing never stopped a kids from authoring their own book.

You do not need to have a twitter account to access my tweets. Use this link

Let’s make lots of projects!

Addendum: within minutes of publishing this post look what showed up on twitter

5 thoughts on “For the Children Staying at Home Looking for Something To Do

  1. Thank you so very much. I have long appreciated your generous sharing of your expertise in paper arts. I hope that you stay well and stay safe.


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