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Last Minute Gift Tags, and maybe some really tiny books

Here’s a PDF of the image above. Each tile is a little less than a 2 inch square. I designed a few of these for some projects, then kept making them just because I like them so much. They are my gift to you. I recommend printing them on cover weight paper if you have some.

Please don’t be disappointed if the colors your printer gives you aren’t as luminous as what’s on the screen. That’s just a fact of life. Once you get away from comparing to the screen, these look lovely.

Here’s how I am thinking you might use them.

Gift tags

Cut out two together. Fold in half. Use as a gift tag.


…cut out singly, Use as a gift tag.

Then there’s the option of making a little library of little books.

This is easier if you know even the smallest amount about making books, but, even if you don’t, it’s absolutely possible to figure this out.

All the steps laid out to see at once

Cut a strip of four of squares. Cut off half of the first and half of the last square. Fold the strip in half. Fold in the half parts towards the center. Sew in a few pages. You can use the snipped off parts as bookmarks.

Finished little book with inside flap lightly glue to first page of book block

The folded-in parts are the inside flaps, which can hold the first page down, I generally use five folded pieces of paper in these books. That gives me enough to tuck one page under the folded in book flaps (I glue the flaps on to the first and last pages) and there’s still 16 pages to write in big thoughts.

The final suggestion I have for these is to write a little note on the back of a single one then….

…secretly hang it somewhere for someone to find.

If you absolutely positively must have many more of these, I understand completely. There’s a whole other page of designs over in my Etsy shop.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

3 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift Tags, and maybe some really tiny books

  1. Thanks Paula!
    I’m really sick & don’t have much spare cash, so I really appreciate the generosity of your blog, with its explanations & diagrams that let me just have a go for myself. When I have a good day, it’s so nice to be able to enjoy your ideas with the odd bits of paper I can lay my hands on. Your Chinese Thread Boxes on youtube kept me (and nearby patients!) entertained & occupied through a very difficult time, & my family are intrigued by them! 🙂


    1. Sarah, thank you so much for this note!
      When I was a kid and searched for ways of occupying myself I would search through a book called McCalls Make-it book. I loved looking for projects in this book but was frustrated by how limited I was because I just didn’t have the materials to make most of what the book shows. This feeling of wanting to create projects that can be done with minimal materials has stayed with me. It really means a lot to me that it’s just this characteristic of many of my projects that you are responding to. So glad you have found my thread book tutorials helpful. Have you found my video for making the three-box version? It’s a really fun one. One of the projects that I feel lots of people have missed is this one Take a look. It’s a perfect thing to do with smaller bit of paper.
      Stay it touch!


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