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Copy, Rotate, Reflect and add eggs

In the middle of my arts-in-ed season I’ve kept trying to find time to mess around, trying to make beautiful images.

Today I started a wonderful, week-long math activity folder project with four classes of kindergarten students, am barely able to stay awake right now, but I’ve been wanting to at least throw these  images into my blog here.

I started doing this some time before Easter. Just wanted to make something. Started with a graph that I was able to reduce to just these few lines:

Then I copied, rotated and reflected these lines and came up with a nice tiled surface.

I honestly just loved this image. Parts of it I expected, other parts came as a surprise.

Spent lots of time coloring it in. Mostly used watercolor brushes, SAI Japanese Traditional Colors, but also used some colored pencils.

When it was done, I didn’t much care for the finished result.

It was okay, but didn’t make me as happy as I would have liked.

But then I started playing with it. Put it into Photoshop, isolated squares….


…then did some copying, rotating and reflecting…

I kept coming up with all sorts of stuff that surprised me.


I kept trying out different combinations…

… and then because Easter was on my mind I started wondering if I could map these on to eggs in Illustrator.

Turns out the answer was yes.


These were so fun to do.

I liked how the watercolor translated so well in to the digital environment.

Was very surprised that I ended up with these eggs. But very happy.

OK, that’s it for now. Gotta get ready for tomorrow with kindergarten!


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