Someone Else’s Treasure Chest Pop-Up

a kagisippo design
a Kagisippo design

A friend from my Williamsburg Brooklyn days emailed me and asked me to make this treasure chest pop-up for his wife.  Although this is not something I would be attracted to do on my own, there was no way I was going to turn down this request from this very special person. In fact, his request came at a good time, as, rather than being in the middle of a project, what I am in the middle of is taming my workshop. I’ve been organizing my papers…

a “before” picture
After. Every corner of my work area is getting this kind of attention.


…and clearing my desk.


Yay! Cleared desk. First time I’ve seen this much desk in a while. The “before” picture is too scary to post

Having a little project that required absolutely no creativity from me was just the thing I needed right now. As it turns out this little treasure chest pop-up was an absolute delight to construct.

Little pocket inside
Little pocket inside

The paper engineering of this structure is quite wonderful. Actually really, really wonderful.  The tutorial video for it is here  and the printable templates can be found on this page.

I printed the template on card weight paper (about 67 lb),which worked great, and used mat board where it called for cardboard. Next time, though, I will use card weight (about 110 lb) for the cardboard. I think something got lost in translation: the board was really not the right thing to use.

This project requires the use of razor blades and precise folding and cutting.

Oh no. Now my desk is no longer clear…

…this is is how is begins….





6 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Treasure Chest Pop-Up

  1. Charming! A fun project that turned out beautifully. Loved the photos of your studio. After a busy summer of classes and many many projects my studio is also too scary to photograph. But I just completed two IKEA six drawer chests and it helped organize my papers a bit. Perhaps I just have too much good stuff. Thanks for the comfort of shared paper challengesM Warmly, Nancy

    Liberty Grove Paper Arts Sister Bay, Wisconsin 54234




    1. Organizing papers is always such a challenge. What I get buried by, though, are the off-cuts and scraps. I can’t bear to throw away all of my off-cuts, but sometimes I just have to put a limit on what I can keep. This time around, for the one area, I gave myself a single bin and demanded (of myself) that when the bin is full, everything else goes! Ahhh!!!! I was able to give some away to someone who is making paper from scraps, but the rest got thrown out. Feels so good. At least in that one area of my workspace. Glad that there are some rainy days in the forecast as I’ve got some burning to do….


  2. I shared an office with a colleague who was very proud her desk was always immaculate. I soon got her to change that habit – just as soon as she found her pristine desk was being invaded by the overflow from my chaotic one!

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    1. The clean desk thing is such a complicated issue for me. Fact is, if I’m not messing up my desk then I’m not working, which means I’m not happy. But there is a tipping point, where it gets so full (sounds like you know exactly what I mean ) that there’s no room to work. Accumulations are a dangerous and sneaky. For now, I am going to try to keep things under control, mostly by being more ruthless about getting rid of stuff that really doesn’t need to be on the desk. In the same spirit, I have a belief that if I can’t find that which I know I have, it means I have too much. I’ve reached that critical point of having too much stuff, so, again, I am trying my best to get rid of stuff. It’s crazy: I’ve taken so many bags of stuff out of here, and I don’t miss a bit of it. Nor does it seem the least bit empty in here.


  3. The buried desk is a common problem: my actual working surface is down to about
    12″ x 24″. (It has occasionally been even smaller!) I don’t share pictures of it when it gets like this. As you say, “too scary to post’. ; ]


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