The Best Fold to Know How to Do

Kids laugh when I sheepishly announce that I am going to teach them how to fold a piece of paper in half.

The older the person, the happier they are with this activity. .

It’s one of those things that everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

It seems nearly impossible to get to line up the edges of the paper. Then once they line up, they shift. You adjust.

You press down on the paper; it shifts.

You thought it looked good then it doesn’t.


This video is one minute and twenty-eight seconds about folding paper in half well.  I say everything twice because it’s all worth repeating.

Happy folding!


A question that I got on twitter was about folding a square on the diagonal. Here’s a wordless video to answer the question. It’s really the same steps as above, just slightly modified.

The things to keep in mind are to use two fingers as a backstop near the corners that you are trying to match. Slide the paper until it’s in place, then HOLD TIGHT with one hand, while sliding across the paper towards the fold, with the other hand.

9 thoughts on “The Best Fold to Know How to Do

  1. beautiful! I’ve never said use your fingers as a backstop – that’s super smart. I use holding/folding hand and coming up on the curve. People don’t realize how important that basic fold is!

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  2. Brilliant, thanks for this! We love your site, Paula – wonderful teaching and so inspirational. My children are home educated over here in Ireland and involved in doing their own long projects at home (Worms and Ancient Rome were chosen!) and since finding you, we’ve been adding learning to make beautiful handmade books on a weekly basis, to present their work. So now, they learn research skills, art and maths all together and love the presentation and want to keep looking at their work. They take their bookmaking skills outside their projects in all sorts of creative directions too – just what I had hoped for.
    I’ve been trying to encourage my 10 year old to make her folds this way, just from my own experience of wonky fold making – she might take more notice now you have demonstrated it!

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    1. I would love to see photos of your children’s projects! Yes, my children often take more notice of something if it’s not mom who tells thus. Occasionally, though, I will hear them tell me I was right about something after all: recently, my son told me that he has now discovered for himself that the best way to find things is to clean up as you are looking. Who knew ?


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