Twelve Sides of Sticky Note Pentagons

Present from Angela

My daughter gave me an dodecahedron. Each of its 12  faces holds 25 sheets of sticky note papers. I’ve been doodling on them.

Doodling on a Dodecahedron
Doodling on a Dodecahedron

With my family around this week this is the perfect thing for me to be playing around with. As I drew on the sides it was nice to know that when I finished all 12 sides that I could peel off the pentagonal sides and start all over again.

But what should I do with the first set?

Pentagons on Black Dodecahedron undone
Pentagons on Black/
Dodecahedron undone

What I’ve been doing is sticking them on black paper. Then I filled the sides of the shape again. And again. And again.

Lots of Pentagons
Lots of Pentagons

So far I’ve filled up the sides four times.

This is a perfect project for right now. While we are sitting around together talking, having coffee, or just being in each others’ presence, I can be using my colors.

Vacation week shapes
Vacation week shapes

I don’t intend to fill all 300 pentagons from my 12-sided shape, but I think I’ll do a good bit more.

a growing shape from shapes
a growing shape from shapes

Am satisfied to be finishing off this year with this construction

Happy New Years to all. May your New Year be filled with curiosity, exploration, and color.

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