Fitting a week into the First Full Day


Yesterday started out as a typical instructional day. then completely took off. I’m getting the impression that this is how it goes at here at Penland. The classes are filled with people who are ready to get to work and keep working.


As Susan Share does the instruction, I’m scrambling to pick up what’s new to me so that I can assist. Oh, it’s fun.

Susan M’s pop-up accordion

We have a couple of people who here who took a pop-up during the last session here, and one thing that’s going on is that they are using what they learned earlier this month in the structures that are being introduced this week.


People have brought materials along with them, so we get to see unexpected results in familiar structures.


After a full day of working, we are treated to a slide show of instructor work at 8:30 in the evening. That’s a great vase in that slide….


Then AFTER the slide show many people just get back to work. I left the studio at 10:20 pm. At that time our book arts studio, as well as many of the other studios on this campus, was still buzzing with activity.


Many late night workers means fewer people at breakfast this morning. Looking forward to another day.

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