Wondering about the Zhen Xian Bao

August 6, 2017

This is how I wonder.

After learning the folds of the stacking boxes of the Zhen Xian Bao, then making them out of precious papers, making careful, deliberate decisions slowly, I’m ready to become more familiar with this structure. The way I do this is to just hang out with it.

To me, hanging out with structure means folding everything I can get my hands on using all the folds that I know, and learning some new ones too. This way I get to explore how each paper works out for me, I get to ask different questions of the structure, and see what happens when I release control of the many decisions.

Wondering about Chinese Thread Book 2


Along the way new question occur to me, I develop preferences, and interesting materials seem to find their way to me.  The more I do the more questions I have. I have a long way to go here, but wanted to share this part of the journey.



4 Responses to “Wondering about the Zhen Xian Bao”

  1. Folding paper is so satisfying especially if you use colorful paper. Loved these ideas. Beryl


  2. Byopia Press Says:

    Looks like I could have just asked you for the folding instructions for the ‘star’ box! ; ]


    • yes! but then I where’s the fun in that?!?!? (I mean, for me) I ‘ve been looking forward to reading and responding to your search for this. Now, I see your post about the star top is up, but I am going to save it for later when the household here settles down. So excited!

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