Zhen Xian Bao

Woo Hoo! Asahi Bookcloth and Chiyogami!



As I continue to make Chinese Thread Books, I’m finding that I am beginning to develop preferences. Already, I find that I like Chiyogami paper for  the first layer box, a delicate, subtle paper for the second layer box, Stardream Metallic for the pamphlet and hidden sleeve. Now, after trying out the silky Japanese Asahi bookcloth for the cover, well, I’m hooked.

Chinese Thread Book, Zhen Xian Bao,, by Paula Krieg

This mostly red Chirogami pattern is not something that generally would catch my eye to use and buy, but I just loved the details of the patterns in the spheres. The toughest part of using it was finding papers to go with it.


So detailed and beautiful, but does not play well with others.


After much searchinger around, here’s what worked for my eye: Gold Stardream for the pamphlet cover, embellished with Stardream Metallic Quartz and random Chiyogami circles. Second layer box is a soft paper embedded with flowers.

Chinese Thread Book, Zhen Xian Bao,, by Paula Krieg

Pinwheel Twist box inside the pamphlet

Chinese Thread Book, Zhen Xian Bao,, by Paula Krieg

Gold Dragonfly paper for the big box, to which I’ve added a few golden starbursts.

Chinese Thread Book, Zhen Xian Bao,, by Paula Krieg

All wrapped up in Asahi bookcloth.

6 thoughts on “Woo Hoo! Asahi Bookcloth and Chiyogami!

    1. I generally use double-sided tape to adhere the cover to the the thread book, often adding dots of PVA around the corners and some edges, just to make sure things hold together well. There are many ways to adhere the covers. I’d suggest to do glue downs the way you are most comfortable with as long as the method works. Adhering surfaces together can be done in so many ways. Workflows depend on preference and mood!


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