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Indigo and Suede, with a Pinwheel Twist Box


This continues my posts about assembling different structures based on the Chinese Thread Book, using different papers. I had thought I was going to be doing the same thing over and over again, with no variations other than using papers with different colors and patterns, but it hasn’t worked out that way.wp-1484682930002.jpg

Here’s where I started using the Stardream Metallic for the cover of the pamphlet on the left. More and more I’m liking how the Stardream paper matches the Chiyogami printed papers.  Notice the style of the little box inside of the pamphlet. After trying out many variations I absolutely loved this little twist box with the pinwheel top.

Pinwheel-top Twist box for Chinese Thread Book, PaulaKrieg
Pinwheel-top Twist box

I think it’s something about the pattern of the Chiyogami paper that made other style box I’ve been making look, well, not so good. Am so pleased to have stumbled upon this way of making the twist box.


Here’s the pinwheel-top box, twisted open.


The second layer rectangular tray is made from a soft handmade paper from India. Underneath the tray is a sleeve made of Stardream paper, which matches the pamphlet.


Big box layer is another handmade paper, but not sure where it was made. I have a stash of this from a place that Elisa Campbell wrote about, Creative Papers, which, sadly, is no longer is business.


The biggest surprise for me was the choice I ended making for the cover of this Thread Book. I tried matching the book with other Chirogami papers, with handmade papers from Dieu Donne and elsewhere. I tried my (faux!) elephant hide paper, and tried matching it with all sorts of cloth.  Then I tried it out with this piece of suede, and it just snapped together. I never thought I use this suede for anything, but it seemed perfect for this project.

I just love how I get to use all these odds and ends of materials!

What’s different, besides the suede, about this particular piece is that it doesn’t suggest a use to me. The first one of this group that I wrote about seems like a valentine waiting to happen, the one after that feels like a gardener’s journal, and the next one I will be writing about feels like a holiday journal. But this one isn’t telling me what it needs to be. Hope someone else can figure it out.

7 thoughts on “Indigo and Suede, with a Pinwheel Twist Box

    1. After making all these precious-paper books (with a few more still in the works) I begin to have the itch to makes some really not-precious ones, like using paper from wallpaper sample books and printed copy paper. And comics. PRobably will do that next!


  1. Well, yes, this IS a few months late! Really enjoyed the series on the Chinese thread books. Where did you find the pinwheel twist box? I’d love to make one, but all the origami tatos I can find are a little different. Thank you!


    1. Hi Andria,
      thanks for your comment.
      I came up with the pinwheel variation on my own. If you fiddle around with the edges of the twist box, you’ll be able to figure it out.
      Let me know if can work it out. If not, I will send a better description within a few days.
      Have fun with it, and, really, let me know how it goes.


      1. Thanks, Paula. I’ll give it a go. Why do I have to keep reminding myself that “it’s just a piece of paper!”?!


      2. I know exactly what you mean….making loads of these little boxes, especially out of papers that aren’t so precious, makes it easier to experiment.

        What I really like about these thread books is that, after you’ve made a few, it’s like the structure begs to be tinkered with. The more I make, the more that trying out different things becomes just a natural next step. Remember to enjoy the process! I am finding it to be joyful.


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