Last Minute Wrapping Paper

December 24, 2016

I am sure you still have a few presents to wrap.

I recently made some wrapping paper starting with images lifted from the twitter images of people that I follow. I liked the images so well that, well, if you need some last minute wrapping paper, you’re in luck, cuz I made more…


after Simon Gregg and Mark Chubb click here for printing

At it’s best, twitter is an interactive, conversational platform. As I was putting together these images I noticed that many of the images I was looking a had a collaborative component  before I lifted and fiddled with them.

after Dan Anderson's Moires

after Dan Anderson’s Moires Printing Page Click here

There are seven images here. After I started looking at through images of people that I follow, I felt like I could have stayed at the computer from now until Christmas, making these. But that would be silly because I wouldn’t get any presents wrapped.

after Malke Rosenfeld

after Malke Rosenfeld Click here for best printing 

If the originators of these images feel I have overstepped by taking their work, overlaying my own explorations on to them, and presenting them here, well, I hope they tell me and I will make polite adjustments.

made by me with Dan Anderson OP snowflakes

made by me with Dan Anderson OP snowflakes click here for printing

I had a hard time choosing from the really rich visual imagery that people are posting. Doing this gave me the excuse to scroll through peoples’ feeds, and I was surprised by how much I miss.

Martin Holtham-aug-29-1

Martin Holtham, modified Click here for printable page

I was quite sure that I was going to include something of John Golden’s, as he often dazzles me. But he recently posted an image of his daughter’s cookies, and, well, I couldn’t resist making wrapping paper from these delicious looking confections.

based on Isabella's, photo by John Golden

based on Ysabella’s cookies, photo by John Golden click here for printing

Now, just for the record, and in no particular order, here are the links to the tweets that I referenced, so, if you are interested, you can see how I meddled.

Addendum. 23 hours later…..I have never ever had a post that was viewed as often on its first day as this one. I guess lots of people have last minute wrapping to do. I suppose I will plan on doing a wrapping paper post every  December 24 from now on. Here are the presents I’ve wrapped with these papers:


6 Responses to “Last Minute Wrapping Paper”

  1. maria de lourdes arenas saxena Says:

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Jackie Stone Says:

    This is awesome! I love this and will have to do it in the future 🙂 maybe a good idea for birthday presents.


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