Boxes, Origami, and Coloring Packet


I just finished up doing something that I’ve never done before: I’ve put together a craft activity packet to sell as a fund-raiser for the local summer Lunch, Learn & Play program.

Box with Tabs
Box with Tabs, glueless!!

I’ve gathered together a bunch of projects that I absolutely love. shined them up and packaged them. This box here is one of the stars of the packet. It goes together surprisingly easily, has a tricky kind of feel to it, and is assembled completely without glue.

Box with curves

I didn’t add any on graphics to the pattern for this box because I think the surface itself is interesting enough. It’s hard, from the photos, to see how lovely this structure really is. It takes a careful, patient hand to cut-out and assemble this box, but, besides needing to exert paced self-control,  this structure goes together easily and is unusually satisfying to make. A perfect container to tuck a love note into.

All Four Boxes
All Four Boxes

Here’s the whole set of boxes. If you been following me you’ll recognize the Pentagon Puff Box box that I recently posted. It’s included in the packet, printed on heavy weight paper, and in two sizes there is a blank template to color yourself, as well as the colored pattern

Frames and Pockets
Frames and Pockets

There’s a few tutorial pages included, too, along with the papers needed to make several versions of each.

The instructions for the paper frame shown above are surprisingly simply, especially if you remember how to make a fortune-teller, as the structures are similar. These frames can stand up on their own, or lay flat.

The origami pocket, which I’ve included three papers to use to make, remains one of the most popular things that I teach. Kids figure out (well, because I tell them…) that any size square can be made into a pocket.

How to make a Snowflake with Six-Sided Symmetry, with 60 degree triangle guide included.
How to make a Paper NapkinSnowflake with Six-Sided Symmetry,  60 degree triangle guide included

I’m on a mission to encourage people to cut snowflakes from paper napkins. Really, it’s the only material that makes sense. Paper napkins are super easy to fold and cut, they are easy to come by, and AND they are already made from a square! You just have to do one UNfolding to get started.  My tutorial provides you with the angle guide that you need to make that elusive SIX-sided snowflake symmetry. I’ve even including a few paper napkins in the packet.

squares and how to make a square

Here are the extra papers I’m including, along with a page that shows two methods for converting a rectangle into a square: a must know skill for nascent origamists.

Three Coloring Pages
Three Coloring Pages

Finally, just because I can, I’m including three coloring pages based on circle geometries.

Now this may be just silly, but I’ve made video walk-through of this project, which you can see at this link

I’m printing up and assembling these packets by hand, so I’m not looking to sell a whole lot of them….in other words, to my friends, this is NOT a I-have-a-great-idea-but-need-your-support moment!!! But if you do want one, I’ve put up the packet on Etsy for a probably too low price plus$4.00 shipping, I don’t really have an Etsy shop…well, I guess I do now, but I’ve set it up just for this fundraiser. The current price will hold steady until or unless I actually have to go out and buy more paper to fullfill orders.  Okay, now I’ve got to go walk the dog then announce it on Twitter and Facebook…looking forward to seeing if this appeals to anyone. 🙂

Again, just so it stands out, here’s the link where you can order this: Paula’s BookZoomPa Etsy

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