Paper to Go #2

April 13, 2016



Graphic lifted from Dan Anderson OP site



About two-and-a-half years ago  I made a post titled Paper to Go , about a clever folding sequence, using a single piece of paper, to make an  envelope. Recently I came across instructions for another envelope that totally intrigued me.



It’s the sort of paper folding that I like the most. Looks good, feels useful, rearranges the patterns on paper well, looks great even with solid colored paper, and has a satisfying and tricky kind of logic to it.

envelopes 2


I’ve made lots of these now, and each and every time I complete one I like this structure better.  I’m going include the tutorial page that I found, but my sense is that you have to be fluent in Russian or with origami symbols to decipher these instructions. Even so, I invite you to try it.


If you have a hard time with the written directions, try watching me fold one of these. Here’s the video:

Happy paper folding!


7 Responses to “Paper to Go #2”

  1. La revue de Claire Says:

    I like it


  2. Steve Morris Says:

    Beautiful and useful!


  3. Susan Mills Says:

    Love this envelope!


  4. […] showcased, along with both a diagram and video instructions, on Paula Beardell Krieg’s blog, Playful Bookbinding and Paper Works. She told me my envelopes for National Letter Writing Month were her […]


  5. penny506 Says:

    I like the video because I made it along with you. It is so darn cute! Love this!

    Liked by 1 person

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