Looking Closely at Star Parts

It’s 4:57 pm. I am going to make then update this post as I work on  putting a piece into the 12-fold star/rosette that I have been waiting to finish. There’s a handful of tiles that I am still waiting for, but I’ve decided to get everything done that I can and see what happens next.

The first step to prepare the next piece is to scan it. About a dozen people gave me their hard copy and this is one of those, from my friend Stephen.

Stephen's piece of the start #32
Stephen’s piece of the start #32

The scanned in version is a raster image, which means it’s made up of small colored squares. Here’s what it looks like up close:

Tile 32, up close, raster image
Tile 32, up close, raster image

It’s 5:17 now. I am going to hit my “Publish” button, and continue updating this post as I continue to getting this image ready to place in the star.

Going Vector
Going Vector

5:32. Next stop for this image is in Abobe Ilustrator. This is my “stars in progress” folder. Each tile I work on gets it’s own layer. Here I run the “image trace” function on the image then ask the program to expand this traced image. From far away nothing changes but up close the whole structure of the graphics have changed.

up close vector
up close vector

You can see here that there are no more little colored squares. This vectorized image allows enlargement and reduction of the image without the concern of blur or loss of detail.

5:43. Time to place the image on the star.

filling in the blank
filling in the blank

Well, I still had to do some resizing, touching up of edges, and deleting stray marks. Then I go to my Stars Gathered file in Adobe Illustrator and zoom in on the section that I will be filling in.


This is the last part of the process that I am showing, as I want to show the finished piece all at once.

Now I’m on to the next file.

Star Tile Files
Star Tile Files

A couple of people have dropped out of the project SO if you would like to join this project and think you can fill in a tiles this weekend, please let me know! Contact me through the comments section or email me at paula12fold at gmaildotcom.

Now, happily, back to work. I’m loving this project!




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