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Virtual Stars are Filling My Inbox

Tile #8 by Anne and Molly from Australia
Tile #8 by Anne and Molly

My inbox feels like a treasure chest: People who are coloring pieces of the 12-fold star rosette projectt are sending back their finished pieces.

I’m going to highlight just a few images in this  post, which are the ones that have a connection to a child, though not necessarily a young child. The image above is an appropriate one to start with, as Anne, who colored this one in, was the first person to request a tile from me. It was quite late at night when I had finally hit the Publish button on the post that invited people to join me in this project, but Anne lives in Australia, so the post reached in the late afternoon.  Anne’s  5-year-old neighbor Molly helped Anne with this piece by choosing the colors to color with.

Tile #32 by Robin
Tile #32 by Robin

This child-tile belongs to the 23 year-old son of my good friend Jocelyn, whose made coloring in these tiles a family event while they were recently gathered together in their Vermont home. Like her children, each tile that each member of her family gave to me has a unique character.

Tile 18 by Yasabela
Tile # 18 by Yasabela

A few days ago I received a twitter note from John Golden ( I think from Minnesota) showing an image of a colored tile with  a note pinned to it that said “my daughter’s working on a better one though.” I hadn’t sent one to this gentleman’s daughter so I quickly sent them a second tile to work on, so they could both have tiles included. I have no idea how old John’s daughter is, but she does lovely work. Addendum: John just let me know that Ysabela is freshly 17!


I’m only guessing, but I’m thinking that Janet Reynold’s daughter saw her mother working on her piece of the star and wanted one of her own,  I’m intrigued by how well the bright carnival-like colors work alongside more muted tones here.

Kinan's tile #4
Kianan’s tile #4

Although it may seem like all the star pieces that I’ve received are brightly colored, this is definitely not the case. I have gotten quite a few that have a more restrained palette.  Kianan, my friend’s teenage son, used one of my favorite drawing tools, the black sharpie, for his expressive tile.

Angela piece of the star
Angela’s piece of the star

My daughter, on the other hand, went nearly psychedelic. I love what she gave me (I am, of course, completely biased and smitten when it comes to anything that she does), but what I am most pleased about is that she actually asked for a tile. I knew she that if she chose to color a tile that she would give me something wonderful, and I’m relieved that she didn’t wait for me beg  her to do this…which I eventually would have done. I really wanted her to be part of this.

I haven’t begun assembling the star pieces together yet. I will start that process in about a week. I still have some pieces of a second star that I would like people to color in, so if this project interests you at all please take a look at my first and second posts about this project and be in touch.

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