Filling in a Star

December 22, 2015

Tile, before and after

Tile, before and after

Enough people have gotten in touch with me to color in a tile for the Community Star  that the first star is completely spoken for. I am going to continue to invite people to participate because, well, the more stars, the better.

A Tile on the Edge

A Tile on the Edge

This post show is meant to illustrate that I want people to choose their own ways of partitioning the shapes on the paper tiles that I am sending out via email and FB. No matter which lines are chosen the tiles will still line up together, in this 12-fold Rosette:

2 Fold Rosette

12 Fold Rosette

The concept here is that even as individual choices are made the integrity of the whole can remain intact. (For more about what I am trying to do here, see my last post Invitation to my Sandbox. )

I don’t have any tiles back from anyone yet (after all, it’s only been 1 day! ) but so far there’s people from three continents participating, and some of these people include my neighbors in here in Salem and Granville New York as well a seven year old from New York City.

A Mostly Shades of Gray Tile

A Mostly Shades of Gray Tile


I will be continuing to ask people to join in. If you would like me to send you a tile to color in, first read my previous post Invitation to my Sandbox then either leave me a comment or email me at my account, which begins with paula12fold.

Thank you!

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  1. […] I’m writing about some of the people who’ve responded to my request to color in parts of a geometric star, which I wrote about in the post Invitation to My Sandbox and Filling in a Star, […]


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