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An Out of Pocket Experience

more dots
Pocketed Groupings

My thoughts do not naturally go towards developing projects for students who are very very young. But, when I wrote about using an unending accordion for number lines John Golden left a comment saying ” Ooh! It’d be fun for young learners to put pictures of things in that pocket that come in a number on that page. Could make a guessing game out of it, or just a way to record number observations.” I liked the suggestion and I thought that I could develop a response in just one day, but nothing happens fast with me. TEN days later I finally got it worked out in a way that I like.

Out of pocket experience
Number Groups with Hidden Numbers

You may notice that I used dots, not pictures. I like dots. Everyone likes dots. Granted, dots can get kind of, well, repetitive after a while, so it’s a good thing that there’s a one side and another side and that dots are malleable.

Unpacking the pocketed number groups
Unpacking the pocketed number groups

Here’s the thought behind this project. First, it’s a pockets project. Students seem to like pockets even more than they like dots. Anything at all that would benefit from a peek-a-boo kind of experience would be fine subject matter for the pages.  I just happen to be on a numbers kick at the moment. I have gleaned from the #MTBoS math people who I follow on Twitter that associating numbers with groupings can be a good foundation skill: creating groupings of, say, three things could help support the understand that the symbol for three is an abstraction representing three somethings.

Made with Standard 8.5
Made with Standard 8.5″ X 11″ paper

 As usual, the challenge I set out for myself was to make this out of standard copy paper. This structure is similar in many ways to the structure in my previous post, the one difference being that I’m not linking the papers together as I don’t see an advantage to this being a continuous number line, though it certainly could be.

I made some PDF templates for this project. (The good news is that I finally figured out how to make PDF’s in a small file size!!! I will eventually be going back and make all my pdf files smaller). I did not however, provide colorful dots and pictures. I see this as a class project, where students can either color in the dots or turn them into balloons and ladybugs. (Let them color it and they will own it.)

Here’s what you can print out if you like:

open dots jpeg
A class color-it-in- yourself template

8.5 X 11 open dot groups

Dot are filled in here.
Dots are filled in here if that ‘s what you need.

8.5 x 11 Filled dot groups

Simple Pocket Template
Simple Pocket Template. Print several.

8.5 x 11 simple pockets

I haven’t included directions on how these pieces fold, but if you fold on the dotted lines and look at the pictures, I think it’s decipherable (?).

Number Groups
Number Group

Maybe the next step after this is, well, dice….which, in a few years could lead you to fedricomath’s Weird Dice.  (which I link to here so that I can keep track of it).

Just for the record, this is what’s been keeping me distracted lately.


It’s a magnificent autumn in Upstate New York.