Giving You the World

I’m working on getting ready for six different projects tomorrow. One of them will include a wonderfully folded world map. This is one of my favorite activities, so I thought I would repost this tonight. Please to click on this link in the PDF of the World Map rather than the PDF in the post…the one below has an extra line in it and it turns out I can’t change links in posts that I am reblogging! It took a whole evening of tweaking to get it to work just right, to go with the folding instructions. I would be very happy for it to get lots of use.

Playful Bookbinding and Paper Works

To print out the directions above, here’s the PDF of Origami Base for World Map And here’s the PDF for the World Map That Can Be Folded Into An Origami Base.

I have a slew of agendas when I work with students. One item at the top of my top-heavy list is to incorporate a world map into projects whenever possible and appropriate. If I can provide students with a clever and fun way of using a map, all the better.

This is a 6″ x 6″ square (folded down from a 12″ x’ 6″ paper). Open the cover and you’ll find a map of the world, with Sweden highlighted.

Just in case it’s not clear, the map is a separate piece of paper glued into the cover.

Note the  compass rose, that has been colored in by the student and notice how well the world map sits on…

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3 thoughts on “Giving You the World

  1. I’ve always known that as a “squash” fold because it looks like a squash flower and because you squash it down. I use 3 of then joined vertically to make a scrapbook and a single one for a Christmas ornament. We joked that we could use 5 of them for a wind ornament. Good project!


    1. Squash fold! That name absolutely describes this structure. The paper folding with the second graders went really well today. They all especially like the part where I instruct them to poke the middle so that the folds fall into place. It takes them by surprise when they see it, and I always make a big deal over it. I’m also using this base with the fifth graders but they are using them with 10″ X 10″ paper, then overlapping diamonds so that they cascade open. I would love to see your Christmas ornament version!


      1. you always come out with half the size you started with so the scrapbooks I make are with 8″ and 12″ cardstock, then I use covered matboard with a ribbon for the cover. You can use a single one with the matboard turned on it’s point with a ribbon loop from the point. I can’t find the video now, it was from Paper Source.


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