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Flip-Book by Committee?

Flip books in progress, holding things together with binder's clips
Flip books in progress, holding things together with binder’s clips

This first set of flip-books, showing some transformations of the graph of a line, have been keeping me occupied. I have a small circle of math-friends to send these to, for comments, but I would like to expand this circle. It has taken me by surprise how many revisions this book has gone through already.



Flip Book: Cutting the pages down to size
Cutting the pages down to size

There’s been revisions in sequence, color, line weight and paper weight. It feels like this tweaking can go on endlessly. First, though, I would like to get this in the hands of some more teachers who are willing to put a copy of this flip book into student’s hands, and then tell me how it goes. I am aiming at something like a template to use as base for his book as well other books like it.

Flip=Book cover pieces
Flip-Book cover pieces

Is there anyone that I can interest in playing with me and my books? If you teach the equation of a line, and would like to have one of these books in exchange for giving me some feedback and suggestions, please let me know. The contents of what’s in the book is similar to the GIF in my last post. As I said there, the GIF can show the concept, but it seems to me that  it ‘s more valuable if students hold the book in their hands, as this then allows them to slow the animation down, so that they can work out for themselves the secret of what’s going on between the equation and the picture.

Three Flip-Books and gold envelopes
Three Flip-Books sliding into gold envelopes

So who wants to play? Leave a comment below, or send an email to me in the address that’s listed under my About tab. Later this week I am hoping that three teachers will receive a little book in a gold envelope.

11 thoughts on “Flip-Book by Committee?

      1. The temperature keeps going up and down and one day we get dumped with snow, then nothing for a week, so the skiers and snowmachiners are not happy. Last week it was -25 for 2 days, then up to 30+, now it’s down again.


      2. This time of year, I try to focus on one day at a time. The light is coming back, which is big deal here. Our shortest day was Dec 22, sunrise at 10:30 am and sunset at 1:30pm so we celebrate when the light starts coming back. it should start warming up by the middle or end of March, but we have had -40 in March so we never know. Then in summer, it’s light all the time, so we have to get used to the changing light. Right now everything looks blue during most of the day.

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  1. I’m following your experiment with fascination (as a starting-out artist book maker), thank you for sharing the process. Maths is out of question for me, I was good at it at school and then I promptly forgot most if it, nor I know any maths teachers, but I’m looking forward to see the final result 🙂


    1. For someone who is just starting out you certainly have lots of work on your site! I love you’ve set up your Artist Books pages. I’m really curious about your Typography of the HEart book.
      There’s lots of math that I want to animate with flip books, but I’m seeing a flip book as a way of animating lots of concepts in which the understanding of change enhances understanding. My first post of this series shows change in the CMYK color palette as proportions of colors within a swatch change. I’m really looking forward to figuring out more color-infused flippings as well as playing with math.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.


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