8 1/2" x 11" Book Making · zine

A Lighter Touch

Zine of How Bill Cooks Rice

After finishing up my little pamphlet on How to Make Stuffed Grape Leaves  I was determined to make another little book, but this time with a lighter touch.  I spend lots of time designing book structures and book projects for classes, and not much time attending to content. Lately I have been thinking more about content. I know that the only way I will get to where I want to go with what I am thinking about is to just get to work in a small way.

So, I am happier with this book than the last one. There are still many things that I am critical of, but these are the things that I will address in the next little book.

I am consciously incorporating some of the photoshop and illustrator skills that I have been trying so long to acquire. My big moment in this book is turning the photo below….

red elephant

…into the following image.



Another reason that I am playing around with making these little books is that I want to bring some fresh thinking to a class that I will be teaching at The Center For Books Arts in NYC later this month. The class is designed with classroom teachers in mind. After I wrote out the class description, which included words like “brings together structures that are infinitely useful, infused with fun, and aim to inspire… and ways (of) linking projects to curriculum ” I was asked what to name the class. I suggested calling it “Binding and Booking the Common Core.” which I thought they would completely reject, but that’s what they used!

It was a beautiful day here in the country today. It’s a good thing I have a dog or I probably would never have gotten outside.

Mary L's Birdhouse with Daylilies
Mary L’s Birdhouse with Day lilies

The day lilies are blooming. Or at least they were, hours ago. They’ve long since finished their day…now it’s time for me to finish mine.

…after I clean the dinner dishes.


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